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Winthrop Eagles

Winthrop University Students
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This is a community for Winthrop University students. You can talk about anything related to WU or Rock Hill. Examples of topics...

*the "brick" crosswalks
*new policies: good? bad?
*cool places to go in Rock Hill/Charlotte
*the new construction
*gen-ed requirements

Something new...professor quotes:
Have you ever sat in a class and the professor said something that completely caught you off guard? Professors do say funny things sometimes, so if you hear your favorite professor say something amusing, post it! The only rule is that you make the post "friends only" if the quote could possibly get the professor in trouble. Examples of information that should be friends only:
*the professor says something that involves profanity or suggestive language
*the professor says something about the administration or about other professors

Just use your best judgment. When in doubt, make the post "friends only". We certainly don't want our favorite professors to get in trouble :)

This community is moderated by phdbound14.

It's summer break!