Christine, future Ph.D. (phdbound14) wrote in winthropeagles,
Christine, future Ph.D.

want AIM?


Through a chain of people, I found out a way to get the normal AIM service back.

How to fix AIM:
1. Sign on like regular; press cancel on the "1. Connecting..." screen (If yours automatically tries to login right when you start the program).
2. On the sign on screen, click setup.
3. Go to Sign on/Sign off.
4. Click "Connections".
5. Click on Configuration and let AIM Configure it.
6. Press okay and apply.
7. You should now be able to sign on.

If the AIM Oscar guy is in your taskbar on the bottom of the screen, you can just right-click him and go to "Preferences", then proceed with step 3.

It worked for my roommate & me, so it's worth a try. Good luck!
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